Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Wishing Star

I caught a wishing star in my hand,

I asked of it, before it started to fade,

Take me away to a distant land.


I found it at the beach, in the black sand,

Bright and light, the pretty hue of jade,

I caught a wishing star in my hand.


 I dreamt of rainbows in bright bands,

Of gentle giants coming to my aid,

Take me away to a distant land.


For my crime, I felt like a filthy brigand,

Hiding my catch beneath my smiling façade,

I caught a wishing star in my hand.


Oh, how I dream of pastures so grand,

With singing swallows and rolling glades,

Take me away to a distant land.


Please, take me before they touch me with the brand,

Or rip my hair by wringing my braid,

I caught a wishing star in my hand,

Take me away to a distant land.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Her Search

Sometimes I wonder which of those
Ideas I could put my faith in,
To appease the heart’s roaring din,
And unshackle the mind of woes.

In goodness of light I repose,
Even though shadow stalks within.
I gracefully turn away sin,
Yet its scent pricks me like a rose.

So I realize I must travel,
To see, hear, feel the world’s rancour,
With my hometown as my anchor,
Still, my inner peace unravels,

In travel, I look for my soul,
I cross great roads and frozen glades,
I rest under the world tree’s shade,
I see blackened stumps, burnt like coal,

I see fish swimming in great shoals,
I see lost art, starting to fade,
I seek fellow wanderers’ aid,
I venture forth with no known goal.

I walk this journey as if cursed,
Undying, hollow and empty,
Though I have water aplenty,
It does not nourish this cold thirst,

Emotion, thoughts swirl through my mind,
A maelstrom, most of it unkind,
It’s a breached dam of perturbed peace,
Only craving for sweet release,
I fear it may reach breaking point,
It reverberates through my joints,

Only one purpose remains for me,
To plunder the Dragon's treasury,
Then over life I ll gain mastery,
And conquer the hunger within me.  

The Chosen One's lament

How can there be no respite, no quarter,
For me, whom they chose for being able,
Why am I treated a pawn, fate’s martyr,
When they all beseech me remarkable.
Why, as if sailing through a ceaseless tide,
I am thrust, unwanting through storms of strife,
How can it be, although so much I ve tried,
My heart is still empty, devoid of life.
There’s no fighting the tangled web of fates,
My will was never mine to consider,
Like endless winter that never abates,
My heartfelt desires only hinder.
Since when did hewn heroes die from within,
My life is no different from a machine.

Reveries of the Gods

The skies above bleed drops of salvation,
A small, running trickle was all that turned,
The baked, withered earth, of healing it yearned,
Back to life, as if by its volition,
It could summon forth summer's carnations.
The blessings of paradise it had earned,
Yet, the earth, shifts, roils and turns, as if spurned,
For below lurks the lure of perdition.

For the heavens have promises unkept,
The earth below has love unrequited,
The nourishing rain scours the sodden land,
Such that good and bad alike will be swept,
By bursting streams to places benighted,
The subtle work of a fallen god's hand.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The City of Light

These gaudy lamps, stained glass windows reckon,
Of a world so bright, glossed to perfection,
But in this gold city, shadows beckon,
Darkness clings to its edges with affection.
What lies beneath its most august façade,
Under scented sheets, woven with gold thread,
Away from prying eyes at the blockade,
Away from gilded streets others have tread,

Between the sizzling lights, the effulgence,
The echoes of gaiety and jubilance,
The lavish wealth and luscious indulgence,
Lies a dark void, a land of repugnance,
Blood clots the floor, like wine from a spilled grail,
The air within is redolent and rife,
Of a burnt and torn world, where none prevail,
Its bulwark gone, sundered by years of strife.

The lost and alone, swept away from sight,
Cast off from the light, only to discover,
Between the cracks and folds, an endless night,
No relief, no respite from it ever.
The lightless flame consumes without remorse,
The life of their souls, the breath of bodies,
There’s no cure for this, except but recourse
To death, reliever of all maladies.

My fave.......

Friday, 6 March 2015

Let's Play

Let's go hide beneath the covers,
Because no one's finding us here,
So we'll touch like little lovers,
Just let me bite your fickle ear.

You're so pretty, like a peacock,
Prepare now, I'll worship thy thigh,
Then trap you in bed with a lock,
And we'll kiss and touch till we're high.

But be a good girl, or I'll spank,
You didn't know I was so rough,
Maybe I'll give your chain a yank,
Lick you till you can't get enough.

Or maybe we'll play hide and seek,
If I catch you, if I find you,
Up your dress I'll take a peek,
Then rip it off, with unders too.


Thursday, 5 March 2015


Your love kindles my flames of desire,
Yet your touch soothes my ravenous hunger,
Your words lead me from this endless mire,
For your guidance saves me from all danger.
How could I ever live without your grace,
Sick, starved, empty, writhing in life’s coldness,
I’m nothing, a relic time will erase,
Yet you comfort me, cloak me in goodness.
But in the shadow of night unending,
In wretched darkness, our enemies near,
Yet I’ll fight for you, never once yielding,
For when you’re with me I’ll never know fear,
No matter rain and storm, or sleet and hail,
I’ll live all my life for you without fail.

  Who is the writer addressing..?


I ve decided to steer this blog on a slightly different course.

Aside from discussing science, I ll post some of my poems here too ^_^

Tuesday, 3 March 2015